Removing Copied Content Google Search with DMCA

It happens most of the time when your competitors copy your website content and publish it on their website, but removing copied content Google search is possible with DMCA. Lots of sites copies content from the internet site for massive traffic and to keep their visitors, but they don’t know it’s useless to publish content already copied from somewhere. Ultimately, such websites or blogs lose credibility, ranking as well as traffic. In any case, your efforts and money is wasted due to the copying of content to another source, and there is a possibility that their website may even rank higher than yours. Duplication of content, posts or articles can result in suspension of Google account and your site will ultimately de-index from the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Removing Copied Content Google Search

Do you have the same frustration and want to find the solution of copying content from others? we are going to help you in this regard and will help you to find such pages from the Google search and to report them to get de-index from the Google search. Reporting the copied content to Google is a natural and fruitful progress which takes 2 or more days to cater your request, but it will improve your website ranking and traffic as well.

You can contact DCMA to delete any blog posts or blog completely from the BlogSpot, but if you find any copied content on the personal web page or self-hosted blog, then you can do to report it to Google for exclusion from the search results. You can even send the DCMA notice to the owner of the web host.

Find Plagiarism with Your Content or Blog

There are two options to find plagiarism within your posts or articles. You can either use a plagiarism checker or copy paste each sentence in the Google search. The plagiarism checker or plagiarism software will highlight the copied part of the text, article or post, so you can quickly find plagiarism from your posts or text even if they publish somewhere else. Similarly, you can use the Google search to find copied content of your website on the web. Let’s give it a try:

Here is an example:

google plagiarism checker

In the above example, you can see that the sentence you had entered in the Google search box to find the copied content on the web doesn’t match with any of the links given under the results. So, it means that the part of the content you copied doesn’t match any of the results on the World Wide Web, and your content is still unique. It is another way to find the copied content of your website on the internet, but it’s quite lengthy because you have to search different paragraph of your content in the search results. There are a few popular services that help you to find copied articles, post or content online easily. I would like to mention some here including removing copied content google search, Copyscape and a new one UniqueText, which is relatively new, but useful plagiarism checker to find copied text online.

Report Page to DCMA

Once you find the content, you can go to the DMCA website and report the page that is copying your article, text or content to their site. DMCA supports multiple platforms including Blogger, WordPress and another platform to report. Fill out the form available at DMCA website sharing all the links that have copied your content on their sites. It is the most efficient ways to get rid of duplicate or copied content and get your page or site higher rank in the search results with better traffic. Though it takes time, the link will indeed be removed from the Google search results. So, report as many pages as you can if you find any copied content of your website. You can also report same pages to Google directly, so give it a try as well and share your experience here with me.