Fixing WordPress Duplicate Content Issue and Solutions

Anyone dealing with the WordPress website or blog faces WordPress duplicate content issue, and modern SEO techniques suggest us to avoid it. WordPress provides search engine optimization for websites, but that doesn’t mean it works correctly. The duplicate content issue in WordPress arises due to many reasons. In this article, we will explain how duplicate content issue in WordPress occurs and how to fix it.

WordPress Duplicate Content Issues

WordPress is the best CMS for blogging, and it provides great SEO optimization to the websites. WordPress has made blogging a lot easier and people with basic understanding of this content management system and run any site without any problem. But, there are some technical issues which most of the users are not aware of when installing the WordPress on the server and it results into duplication of content on the website.

What Causes WordPress Duplicate Content Issue?

The duplicate content is accessed in multiple ways on a single domain. The duplicate content can be found on your blog or some other blog.

Find some examples of duplicate content on WordPress blog:


So, unintentionally you create multiple copies of the text and create duplicate content in your WordPress blog. It will confuse the Google to confirm the content of your website. Search engines will pick only one of them and will find others as a duplicate. So, you should look for a solution for the duplicate content issue.

Finding WordPress Duplicate Content Issues

It’s very easy to find duplicate content on your WordPress blog, just take the Google’s help to find duplicate content searching your site on Google search engine in the following way:

A. Google Search Console

  1. If you never listed your site on Google Search Console, now is the time. Visit this link, sign up then enlist your site
  2. if this is the first time you enlist your site on Google Search Console, it may take a few hours/days to update. You may check again on a few days. But if you already enlist your site, you may click coverage on the left sidebar. Google will show you which url is indexed and which one are not indexed, including the reason why it’s not indexed. Check the list, you may find duplicate content on those urls

You will be able to find the URLs of all the links on your site indexed by Google, and you should consider which links Google should remove from its index. In your website site map settings, you shouldn’t index to avoid duplication of posts on your WordPress site/blog. It will improve your SEO score and visibility of a website in search engines.

B. UniqueText WordPress Plugin

You may use UniqueText plagiarism checker wordpress plugin to identify which parts of your content are found as duplicate. UniqueText will show you internal urls as well as external. If the plugin show you internal url, you may rewrite those part or put noindex on those urls using SEO plugin. But if it’s found external site similar to your content, you may process to report it to DMCA

Check this video to find out how easy is it to find duplicate content using UniqueText plugin


How to Fix WordPress Duplicate Content Issue on External Sites?

It is one of the most common duplicate content issues users experience these days. It is possible that someone is copying your website content on their blogs/websites. So, it will also create duplicate content, and there is a possibility that Google may not index your content because it already exists in some other domain. So, if you find any such duplicate content online, you can just report it to DMCA and get it removed from the Google index. Google DMCA is an opportunity for the bloggers to get credited their work if it is copied somewhere else on the webs.