Consequences of Plagiarism

plagiarism consequences

Plagiarism is not just offence, but it’s a crime and there are several consequences of plagiarism in the digital and real world. There are different types of consequences of plagiarism; it could be personal, legal, professional or ethical. With the provision of better plagiarism tools, it has become easier to get caught for plagiarism. Plagiarism checkers are widely available online that let you find suspicious or duplicate content in seconds.

plagiarism consequences

Let’s find more about the consequences of plagiarism:

Consequences of Plagiarism

Legal Consequences of Plagiarism

Today, many laws exist for the protection of copyrights and securing the work of original writers. Plagiarism, someone else’s work, will not only ruin your reputation but can lead to the arrest and result in the legal damages. The infringement of copyrights can result in monetary damages. Every day we hear about some court cases filed by the aggrieved party. Laws protect the copyrights and rights. Plagiarism rules include copyright protection, intellectual property laws, and trademark infringement.


Destroy Student Reputation

Plagiarism is disastrous for students, and it can get a student suspended from university or college. It can put a spot on the academic record of the student and can be barred from getting admission into any university or college. Plagiarism is a grave concern for schools, colleges and universities. Every school or college has their monitoring committees who suspend or expel students for plagiarizing their assignments and dissertations. Plagiarism research doesn’t get you fame, and it will waste all your efforts.

Destroy Online Reputation

Managing a blog or site, and then it’s important to take care of the plagiarism and offer unique and quality content to your visitors. Offering copied material, content and search engines will penalize your website and content due to plagiarism. It will further result in losing your online reputation. Search engines hate duplicate content and even some bans the site from ranking the website in search results.

Destroys Professional Reputation

Lots of professionals got embarrassed due to plagiarism, and they have ruined their professional careers just because of plagiarizing other’s work. It leads towards firing from the job and even faces severe consequences due to the plagiarism. People have lost their attractive jobs and ruined their credibility for plagiarizing.

Many international research based universities are putting tough conditions on the student research papers and dissertations, they are using different type of plagiarism software to make sure no one pass the thesis or paper with plagiarism content on it. Using another source, work or material without proper citing the source results in plagiarism and it brings a huge shame for the students with poor result in the exams.