What you need to know about your knife


What you need to know about your knife

The cutters offer an illustration of the different sections that can be found on a kitchen knife:

When choosing the best knife (Best Spyderco Knife is one example) it is important to know different parts it contains. Find out what each one of them is and get an expert eye.

Rivet: It is a small metal rod that serves to fix the handle, the guards or the mitres

Corbain: the handle is pointed in the form of beak (beak of corbain)

Guard: It is a piece placed between the blade and the handle that prevents the hand from sliding towards the blade. The guard also protects the handle.
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Germany has no alternative to Merkel ?

German Chancellor continues imperturbable on the same path, in the certainty that her party, the CDU, can be missed in any coalition government. “Wir purchase Badger” will long continue her motto.
By: Ton Nijhuis director of the Institute for German Studies at the University of Amsterdam July 30, 2016, 02:00
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Angela Merkel leaves make themselves crazy fast. She’s different from many other politicians in Europe that the hot breath of populist parties feels their neck, do not tend to talk the voter to the mouth. And they will not get away from earlier statements or decisions. “With the intention of now, it might be …” are words that are not spent on Merkel.

Even fewer emotions

Almost or even deliberately provocative she repeated the Sommer-Pressekonferenz the words “Wir abolish tie. Of possible erroneous assessments would they know nothing. She is so impassive it blurs the line between perseverance and obstinacy.
And just now become such high emotions in the country, she has apparently decided to show less emotion than usual. “I feel responsible and to act correctly – and no other feelings. This is Angela Merkel at the summit: the analytical, discursive, pragmatic politician. She wrapped her indeed high moral refugees politics in bureaucratic jargon.
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Speech Michelle Obama came just at the right time ?

“Michelle’s night,” “great speech” and “the most passionate support for Hillary Clinton in ages” American media, so look back today. It targets all on the speech of First Lady Michelle Obama on the first day of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.
Obama spoke its support for the Democratic presidential candidate convincingly. “There’s only one person I entrust this responsibility, but one person I think that has the capacity to be president of the United States to be,” said the wife of President Barack Obama. “That’s Hillary Clinton.”

Criticized Trump

Michelle Obama criticized Trump: if they go down, we go up

Obama also voiced criticism of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, and opponent of Clinton, but without mentioning his name. “This election and every election is about who gets power our children to be the next four or eight years of their lives,” she said. “Our new president must understand that the problems in the US are not black or white. They know that a political message can not be translated into 140 characters.”
Incredible speech by an amazing woman. Could not be more proud and our country HAS BEEN blessed to have her ashes FLOTUS. I love you, Michelle – President Obama (@POTUS) July 26, 2016

The speech received a lot of praise, and not just of those present at the convention. “The day, of course, started a little hesitant. Several people were jeered, and there was a lot of bitterness,” says correspondent Ryan Ermine, who was present at the convention in Philadelphia. Ermine is referring to Boo with a speech by Bernie Sanders at a meeting before the conference. Sanders thereby also expressed his support to Clinton, but some of his followers disagreed with his endorsement of his former opponent.
“But when Obama spoke, people were listening. She set the hall on fire, and gave a historical, political speech,” Ermine continues. “Obama delivered the antidote to Trump’s acceptance speech, in which he America put down as a” nightmare land. “The first lady expressed her listeners to the heart to remember that America just is a great country” and appointed diversity in the country as a strength, not a weakness. ”
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The best vape pen for e-liquid 2017

Vape pans are also known as a vaporizer, vape mods or vapor. They are tiny-shaped vaporizers. Vape pens use energy from a small battery which screws into a tank or atomizer that contains a heating coil system. After that, vaporizer pen is loaded up with nicotine-containing liquid. When the button is pressed, the battery engages the coil and vapor occur. There is different kind of vape pen, however, thearticle will mention about the best vape pen for e-liquid 2017

1. V2 XEO Void
V2 XEO Void is a famous company which is specialized in making vape pen. The new product, XEO Void suitable for the experienced smokers who need a compact device which brings the flavor and cloud or even match with beginner vapers.
V2 XEO is designed by German engineer with a unique appearance which there is no similar to another branch.
V2 Xeo has an interchangeable coils which are compatible with PG or VG (1.0 Ω or 0.6 Ω). Besides, with single-body construction, it is easy for smokers to take it side by side. There ar variable Airflow settings that user can adjust to match with a persional hobby.
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