Digital strategy: 4 challenges to take up in 2018

Virtual visits, SEO, adapted software … If the digital transformation is today essential to the success of a real estate agency, it is not always easy to find oneself so much the panel of the technologies and the choice of the providers are broad . Overview of factors to consider with Laurence Hermelin, director of marketing and development at Webgenery.

1. The user experience
Whether it is in the choice of your software or features to integrate on your website, it is essential to ask yourself: “Will the new technologies presented to you really meet the objectives that you have set?” . In all cases, these must be in line with the user experience. “Whether it is to optimize the visibility of your brand or to capture more leads, your website must be innovative and intelligent, while adapting to the browsing ability of users,” says Laurence Hermelin. Virtual visit, chatbot, geolocation … The bottom line is that the features offered to the user give him full satisfaction and meet his requirements. Ergonomics, fluidity, speed must be the key words. “Similarly your real estate software must meet the needs of your negotiators first, be easy to approach without requiring a tutorial, and save time,” she says. read more

2. Data stability and security
Another element not to be neglected: data security. “You have to pay close attention to the stability of the hosting platform of your website and the quality of the maintenance of your solutions in the choice of your service providers,” recalls Laurence Hermelin. Webgenery opted for the AMAZON WEB SERVICES hosting platform 5 years ago. Its advantages ? “Easy to implement, it has a lot of features to build a robust architecture with high availability, not to mention all certifications and labels to ensure data security,” she says.

3. The ability to evolve solutions
In order to respond to changes in regulations, the many fluctuations in the real estate market, but also to the evolution of the offerings of digital service providers and distribution portals, the real estate software’s ability to adapt quickly to support new data needs to be at the heart of your digital strategy. “The establishment of the data fields required by the ALUR law, the integration of fields adapted to new media in the seizure of a property are integrated very quickly in nomadimmo to allow the dissemination and the regulatory display”, illustrates Laurence Hermelin.

4. Successful providers
“Within Webgenery, we make permanent watchfulness in terms of SEO to adapt to Google’s new algorithms, but also in terms of e-strategy to closely follow the requirements of new advertising media Thus, as of October 30, all of our sites responded to Google’s latest request to integrate the HTTPS protocol, “she says. Other essential Internet levers today: emailing, inbound marketing, animation of social networks … “For each new trend, we make sure to implement the quality of optimal marketing leverage to ensure that the services provided are sustainable,” concludes Laurence Hermelin.


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