What Kind of Pillow Should Pregnant Women Choose?

What type of pillow should moms choose for themselves? That is the question that most women who are about to become a mother wonder. In fact, the moms often complain that during pregnancy, she never had a good night’s sleep, especially as the fetus grows day by day.

This gives us enough insight into the issue of insomnia as one of the primary concerns of pregnant women. However, not everyone knows that the body pregnancy pillow is one of the smart creation to support the mother for a good sleep at night.

The advantage of this type of product is that it gives you a soft and comfortable feeling when lying, which keeps the pregnant women in the proper position, so they do not have muscle pain, cramps or muscle numbness during sleep. And then, after waking up, the mothers will get the most comfortable mood with a body pillow instead of other ones. For pregnant women, there are three types of pillows including J, C and U-shaped pillow with different effects in use.

The fact is that the J, C, and U-shaped pillows are the most popular products in the market, which are designed and preferred by mothers during childbearing and the postpartum period. If in the past, the J-shaped pillows were used widely, the U-shaped one is now more popular because of the new, richer features that bring comfort to both mother and baby.

The J-shaped pillow is nearly as long as the length of the body, making the head and neck of the pregnant woman more comfortable, reducing fatigue in these two positions. This type of pillow is aimed at customers with simple requirements or due to their narrow bed area. The product has the advantage of being quite small and does not occupy much space.

Unlike the J-pillow, the C-shaped one is designed to support the back and elbows while providing comfort to the hips of users. This type of pillow also creates more space in the upper abdomen and lower abdomen, so that mother can rest all night because they are ensured that the fetus will not be squeezed during sleep.

However, the J pillow has the disadvantage of only supporting the head and neck, while the C-one cannot support both the back and abdomen at the same time. Therefore, the pillow U-shaped ones are preferred by pregnant women even though this type of product occupies quite a lot of bed area.

It is no double that the U-pillows are the perfect choice because they provide protection for the back, abdomen, elbows, and head of the mothers, which not only helps offer the comfort to women with various positions but also allows the mother to change her position when sleeping.

Furthermore, the mothers should keep in mind that along with the shape, size and the use of pillows, the pillow material is also a crucial factor that they need to pay attention to. We recommend you to choose the pillows that are soft enough to be able to move easily.

In summary, to prevent cramping, muscle aches, backache, which often occur during pregnancy, the use of body pregnancy pillows suitable for pregnant women is extremely necessary for pregnant mothers. The product has to be guaranteed to bring the deepest and most comfortable sleep at night and designed to fit different stages of childbearing. Lastly, mothers can refer to more information to make the right choice for themselves. Especially, if you suffer from insomnia, do not be afraid to buy yourself a pillow to fall asleep easily. Good luck.


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