8 Tips To Buy Treadmills

The price range is very broad but, How to know that treadmill choose? A wrong choice can make us fail in our attempt to improve our health, or have great success and enhance our quality of life.

After all the easier it is to start, the better we will maintain, these are the factors to consider to make a good purchase of the Best Treadmill.

1- size of treadmill.

The minimum measures that should have are 120x40cm, less than that usually uncomfortable in general terms. It recommended are 135 × 45 and in the case of higher 145x55cm

Tips Treadmills

There are some that sell for that can fold, it is clear that not everyone has the house so that it can leave extended, but we think that we will not always want to curl and can also be an excuse not to get to exercise, with what is more advisable to try to look for a hole and buy one with the right to have a routine that helps us in our health dimensions.

In the case of folding, I recommend you check the total weight of the device as if we need to keep better not be too heavy to lift.

Also at this point, we have to look if it is easy to assemble. Usually, we can see in the views of the model to buy.

2- Security.

All treadmills have a security key that attaches to clothing and shuts off the machine if it falls. It is recommended that if we have children at home or visitors, this key is securely stored.

3- Tilt.

They are usually inclined between 8% and 15%, to get more resistance and burn more calories, many have a motor to modulate less folding is done manually. In the case of a beginner it is better minimum, but if you want to exercise between 12% and 15% is ideal.

4- Screen.

It’s useful to have a display with training programs designed for different purposes, from weight loss to strength training makes us more entertaining exercise and gives us more motivation to make us overcome objectives or mark rate programs, controls time, distance and heart rate.

5- With or without motor ?

The non-motorized treadmills are the most economical and have little maintenance, are pretty good if you need is to walk and walk, and they are not made for training as they are not adequate to catch speeds too high.

The power is measured in horsepower (hp or HP) as is evident, the more power over price increases. There are two clearly distinct:

● An AC motor (AC) machines used for professional use or intensive use at home.
● The direct current (DC) are used for domestic purposes.

We always have to consider that the power can be measured in peak or continuous, in the first case is a given moment where the engine can give the best performance, but it is recommended that it be continued to have a full year without forcing the machine.

6- speed.

All have a maximum speed at which we can exercise ourselves. It is advisable to 12km / h for beginners and the most demanding workouts case we would get between 16Km / h and 20Km / h

7- Maximum user weight.

They tend to have the cardio equipment and is a factor to consider, since the same device must guarantee us security at the exercise to avoid injury at a structural level, which is one of the most obvious but more important factors have into account, even in cases where else that we are not going to use us at any given time.

8- Damping.

Many have a cushioning system that helps protect joints and reduce the impact of exercise is a quality that makes compared to road racing is more advisable to train with these devices because they reduce by up to 15% or 40 % the force of impact and is also good that we have good running shoes.

Last conclusions

It may seem complicated, but nothing further, as you see some models, you will notice everything just told you and saw that you’d taken a lot of doubts.

If you still have a few, my recommendation is to think about what brings you, it is an investment that perhaps initially in the case of a beginner will cost to start, but once overcome this going barrier to undergo a significant change in your life having higher self-esteem, reduce stress and gaining health from home, regardless of time or area where you live.


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