Speech Michelle Obama came just at the right time ?

“Michelle’s night,” “great speech” and “the most passionate support for Hillary Clinton in ages” American media, so look back today. It targets all on the speech of First Lady Michelle Obama on the first day of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.
Obama spoke its support for the Democratic presidential candidate convincingly. “There’s only one person I entrust this responsibility, but one person I think that has the capacity to be president of the United States to be,” said the wife of President Barack Obama. “That’s Hillary Clinton.”

Criticized Trump

Michelle Obama criticized Trump: if they go down, we go up

Obama also voiced criticism of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, and opponent of Clinton, but without mentioning his name. “This election and every election is about who gets power our children to be the next four or eight years of their lives,” she said. “Our new president must understand that the problems in the US are not black or white. They know that a political message can not be translated into 140 characters.”
Incredible speech by an amazing woman. Could not be more proud and our country HAS BEEN blessed to have her ashes FLOTUS. I love you, Michelle – President Obama (@POTUS) July 26, 2016

The speech received a lot of praise, and not just of those present at the convention. “The day, of course, started a little hesitant. Several people were jeered, and there was a lot of bitterness,” says correspondent Ryan Ermine, who was present at the convention in Philadelphia. Ermine is referring to Boo with a speech by Bernie Sanders at a meeting before the conference. Sanders thereby also expressed his support to Clinton, but some of his followers disagreed with his endorsement of his former opponent.
“But when Obama spoke, people were listening. She set the hall on fire, and gave a historical, political speech,” Ermine continues. “Obama delivered the antidote to Trump’s acceptance speech, in which he America put down as a” nightmare land. “The first lady expressed her listeners to the heart to remember that America just is a great country” and appointed diversity in the country as a strength, not a weakness. ”

Female president
The Democratic convention formally nominated as the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on behalf of the Democratic Party. Thus she wrote history as the first female nominee of a major political party.

The former First Lady and former foreign minister was at the convention in Philadelphia more than the required 2383 votes and thus they may compete in November against Republican candidate Donald Trump. With the voices from South Dakota Clinton crossed the magic threshold.

The support of someone who already is in the White House is critical for a presidential candidate like Clinton says Ermine. “Michelle Obama linked the hope campaign of her husband Barack to the glass ceiling campaign of Clinton, telling her daughters to find it reasonable if there is a female president in the White House. That someone who has been in the White House is told why Clinton should there next year is perhaps greater than Clinton’s speech itself. ”

The speech came at the perfect time – Ryan Ermine, correspondent in the United States. “The speech had the perfect timing,” said Stoat. Last weekend, a new e-mail scandal of the Democratic Party out. Whistleblower website WikiLeaks released thousands of emails from the Democratic party board outside. From those emails showed that senior party administrators Sanders wanted to blacken to increase the chances of Clinton.

“There was a huge scratch on the convention, but Obama’s speech creates a positive new beginning.” It is too early to say whether the statement saves the conference in Philadelphia. The mutual friction with the Democrats should be pronounced, but also the confidence of the voters must be recovered after the email scandal, says Ermine.
New start

According to Ermine much remains to be done to restore unity. “It was only the first day. Everyone looks forward to the speech of Barack Die tomorrow, and Clinton Thursday. Will make clear whether the Democrats again proud to embark on a new beginning.”

But Michelle Obama has claimed Ermine put a good first step. “Yes, this is different than Melania Trump’s speech, where the next day was just about plagiarism. Michelle’s speech is precisely hailed from left to right. This is exactly what needed the Clinton campaign.”


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