The best framing nailers 2016 – 2017

best-framing-nailer 2016
Do you complicate when hanging a picture frame on the wall? you need to find a hammer, a nail or look for some support tools which are very difficult to find, or if you really see them, you will be in danger when you try to knock the nail in high altitude. it’s time to find a way that helps you work effectively and guarantee safe. A framing nailer is a good choice for you.

So, what is the framing nailer?

A framing nailer is a device which drives nails into some solids like wood, concrete or kind of materials. Its power sources are a battery, gas or electricity, even the air (pneumatic). Nail guns have in many ways replaced hammers as tools of choice for builders.The best framing nailer 2017– has as much advantages and technological improvements as its before, and a type of this device which is considered the best is Paslode 902600.

Introduce some specifications:
Name: Paslode
Model: Paslode 902600
Power sources: battery or gas (because it is a cordless device)
No compressor needed, uses a fuel cell (sold separately)
Operating PSI: N/A
Light, portable, easy to use
Nail capacity: 48 nails
Angle: 30 degrees
Weight: 7,25 lbs (about 3,29 kgs)

Some technical improvements than its before:
Paslode 902600 have long age with the high quality axis, a set of signal lights and instructive colours that will give the signal when running out of nails.
The ventilation tube can turn 30, better than its before, and it has nails system very safe.
The weight is smaller.
Drives 50-Percent more nails per charge (up to 6,000 nails)
Heavy-duty nosepiece allows for toe-nailing at any angle
Full charge in 1 hour; 2 minutes quick charge will drive up to 200 nails

Advantages for using Paslode 902600:
There are the amount of benefits that the framing nailers have, and some of them are following:

The biggest and most important advantage is increasing the quality of work.No one denies that this device has a big role in improving the efficiency and quality of work. You can carry out your job faster and easier. Instead of knocking the nails step by step manually by hand, you only pull the trigger, and the nails will shoot automatically on the wall or some materials. In other words, it helps us save time and strength.

2. Great power.
The Paslode 902600 charges faster and last for a little 4 hours.especially, it is set 2 minutes quick charge, allows users to drive up to 200 nails, so you don’t worry about running out of power when you work, or you don’t need to care about how to work with a machine which is out of battery.

3. Guaranteeing safe.
It is not strange that there are thousands of people go to the hospital or emergency room each year because of injuring fingers, hands or feet by nails.

Shooting nails by hand is very dangerous. You will be in danger when beating up the nails in high altitude or if you are not careful, you will bang on hand. It’s very terrible!
Paslode 902600 will help you to solve this problem. you don’t spend much time shooting nails and you can protect your fingers and hand against hammer or some tools like this.
4. Don’t worry about the future.
The quality of shooting nails is very good, nails embedded deep in the materials, and it is difficult to draw the nails out, so you will not be nervous when repairing again in the future.

Although it is considered the best framing nailer in 2016 -2017, it still has disadvantages.
This is not a good choice for large work. It is suitable for small and quick jobs like hanging picture frames or decorating the house because its power is not enough to use for a long time.
Most nails gun hold two clips of nails, while Paslode holds one, so it needs to reloading.
This device uses only Paslode nails: you need to purchase its brain of nails in order for the gun to work.

Final words:

You should not use it in large works, and you need to notice because Paslode requires the use of its first nails, we advise that users who are interested in purchasing this nail gun should check their local hardware stores to make sure they supply Paslode nails.

In conclusion, Paslode 902600 is the best framing nailers in 2016 – 2017, which has technical improvements and amount of benefits, will help you very much in repairing and working. It has fewer disadvantages than the others so it is a good choice for you!


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