What are the advantages and disadvantages of epilators?

It surprises me greatly that some women have never heard of epilators. And that’s why this post. What are epilators? What can you do with it? How much does the best epilator cost? And what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages?

Epilators today constitute one of the most popular methods to remove unwanted hair. It is a device that the hair removed from the root to catch it and take off with a rotating head that contains various metal or ceramic tweezers.


You can compare the whole process of waxing, which I mean that every hair is removed from the follicle. Both methods provide a silky, smooth skin on the result of which lingers at least two weeks. However, it should be noted that plucking less painful and it does not involve such a sticky mess work.

You know what? Epilators are great!

The fact that the results remain visible for at least two weeks and only then back hairs emerge, should be the biggest advantage for me. That’s why I make personally for years using epilators.

All you best not processed with an epilator, the eyebrows. That you treat manually with tweezers or wax strip. That little line it is in fact very sensitive. The upper lip you better butt with a razor or tweezers.

Who is a fan of waxing, but finds it too expensive to go there and do not want to start at the beauty salon every time, only try out an epilator?

What are the costs and benefits

You may already have a quality device for forty euros buy a decent brand like Philips or Braun. The maximum price on the other hand hovers around € 100 to € 120, which you can purchase a model from the Braun Series 9. The amount that you cough up to buy a device, you should see as an investment that pays off last at least two to three years.

Epilators concerns also seem important that the hairs start to grow after a while thinner. But there you have to have a lot of epilator behind for. However, do not all women agree and they consider this optical illusion is.Epilators tweezers
And the best is yet to come: it may be that the hairs remain as thick, but when I do not pluck a month, I have learned that there is considerably less hair growing on my body.

Is this all? Oh no! When you are considering waxing you should have your hair a certain length (at least half a centimeter). Otherwise, the wax will fail to pull the hair from the root. This is not the case with epilators. You can at any time insert an epilates Essie, whenever you want, but as long as you feel that your skin is not smooth enough.

Are there any drawbacks?

Hair removal is obviously not a perfect method. With epilators, there are also some disadvantages, like most things in life do.

The biggest drawback is the ingrown hairs. Which are most common on the legs. Ingrown hairs, however, do not only occur when using epilators, but waxing and shaving are also no exceptions.

Ingrown hairs can only avoid one way: exfoliation. This is critical to ensure that your skin remains free of ingrown hairs that ignited later.

Also, many women fear the pain. As I said earlier … epilation is painless. And pain is that which causes some women waxing, or epilation left to move. Shaving is of course ideal if you want everything painless. But who wants to go for a longer lasting results, there must be willing to sacrifice anything.

Furthermore, you will not feel more pain after a while, but it will be exactly like someone always squeezes your leg. A few years later, you will no longer give thrill when you get above the epilator.

This is what I recommend: If you want to switch from razors to epilators, consider first to insert a number assesses to touch the pain only. This provision for women with a low pain threshold.

This applies also apply to the latter drawback, namely the fact that it takes some time before you can remove all the hair during the first epilator. After a time the sessions are much shorter.

I have besides all these dots also notice that you are not any epilator can be used on any part of the body. Some women experience irritation and redness after epilation. This is gonna best against by always applying a moisturizer on your face.


There are several advantages, disadvantages, and costs associated with the use of epilators. Whichever method you eventually choose will depend on your personal preferences. Are you someone who can not stand the pain? Then you best for shaving or hair removal cream. But those who prefer longer result looks and has something may consider going into business with an epilator.
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