Going Hiking with Your Toddler? Let’s Address Some Safety Issues !

(Meta-Description: Hiking with your toddler can be an amazing experience. Let’s talk about the safety issues involved and how to keep your child on track and in your line of sight.).

Fun for Your Child
Hiking is a wonderful way to experience the outdoors with your child. Whether you are a mother, father, babysitter, nanny, or a grandparent – I know how much you love taking your kids outside for a wonderful hike into the wilderness.

Life can be busy, and finding the time to be able to go out there with your children can be difficult, but we know you love to do it! Being dedicated to helping your children experience the outdoors is a bonding experience that they will be able to share with their children in the future. Think of the stories they’ll get to tell their kids about hiking with their parents!

While hiking is something you do all the time with your kids, there are some concerns to work through. Maybe you have a baby to a toddler and they still need their diapers and changing. Perhaps your child is a toddler or pre-teen who likes to roam around and explore their surroundings. I know that hiking is important for you and your family, so let’s plan for your outdoor adventures!

Concerns for Kiddos
Whenever you are preparing for a trip, big or small, there are always things to address with your kids beforehand. I will help you with these issues that may arise, so you can get your family out there and hike!

Food, Bottles, Drinks and Snacks
If this hike is an all-day trek, think about packing a picnic lunch. This will give your kids the motivation to make it to the designated area you chose to have lunch. Kids love food. Make sure to bring healthy snacks along the way to keep sugar crashes and tiredness at bay.

I love bringing along granola, homemade trail mix, and fruit. I find that a combination of textures in the things I bring, make my children happier.

Bring drinks and mostly water. You are going to be out there in the heat, or cold, but no matter the weather you can still become dehydrated. Bring quite a few bottles of water and some sports drinks. Sports drinks are good for when you are hiking and exerting yourself since they replenish your electrolytes.

Staying hydrated is an important factor for you and your kids. You know how important staying hydrated is on a hike, and you know your kids. Bring what you think is enough and then pack a few extra for the day.

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Sun Protection
The sun, no matter what time of year, if it is out it can hurt you. Make sure to bring sunscreen on your hike. Put it on you and your children before you leave, and every 4-6 hours afterward. Some sunscreen says it is good all day, but from personal experience it never is.

Wear hats. They do not have to be fancy, just something to keep the sun off your head and provide a little shade for your face. Ballcaps, sun hats, and cowboy hats are great options for the great sunshade they provide and the protection from the sun.

Make sure to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and to prevent squinting and interrupted sight. The sun rays can cause harmful damage to your eyes, so you should never look at the sun for any period. Sunglasses will help you from becoming sun-blind, and from squinting.

Diapers, Wipes, and Clothes

You might not need a change of clothes, but your child might. If your child is still using diapers, bring two to six extras per child, depending on the time of your hike. Using diapers and wipes will also leave you wondering where to put them.

If you can, bring a reusable diaper bag (or a plastic bag) and dispose of them when you get home. The trails are less likely to have many trash cans and filling them up with diapers is not ideal. Animals like to get into trash cans and dig through them, let’s try to keep the trash safe for them and the environment.

First Aid
Having a first aid kit can be a handy item to have with you no matter where you go. I have one in my house, in the car, in my purse, and a backpack for hiking or outdoor activities. These are good kits for burns, scrapes, cuts, and bites.

If it is serious, get to an emergency room or call 911. If you can handle the injury, make sure to clean the wound and disinfect it, then apply ointment and a bandaid or wrap. Kiss.

Games and Attention Grabbers
Games and activities are fun for kids to participate in while hiking. Bring activities for them to do such as a checklist for animals and plants, I Spy games, race them up a hill, count the steps you take to a marker they choose, and so forth.
Keeping children entertained doesn’t have to be mindless, you can enjoy knowledgeable tasks as well, such as naming animals and teaching your children about them, or plants. Tell your kids information about the area and engage them in it.

Adventure with Your Child
I know you love being outside with your kids and your family, and that’s important. It’s also important to be safe and to expect the unexpected. Make sure to have fun with your child and listen to them. This is a crucial skill building and bonding moment with your kids.

Where do you like to take your children? Is there anything that you love to bring along? Do you bring your trash home with you and if you do, how? Is there anything I should add?

I would love to hear from you and make sure we cover all the issues that can arise with toddlers when hiking outdoors.

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