Benefits Of Coffee For Our Health

In the modern and busy life, coffee is one of the convenient drinks to help us wake up all day. You just need 30-45 minutes with The best Keurig 2016 or Sinbo SCM-2938 coffee makers to have a cup before working or studying . However, have you think that coffee is also a good drink for your health. It is a mild stimulant, and if we use with sufficient quantity, it will bring us with many benefits.
Many people believe it is not good for our health and forget the advantages of this drink. Besides keeping our mind wake up, increasing intelligence activities, bringing our mentality with cheery, drinking 1-2 cups of coffee also bring much usefulness.

1. Extending life expectancy.

According to a recent survey, the mortality risk in the men will reduce 10% if they use 2 – 3 cups of coffee per day. This number in the women can have a little difference, because, for the women, there are other affected factors such as the age, fat in the body, lifestyle and so on.

Some scientists say that the antioxidants found in coffee can be used to extend human life expectancy. On the other hand, coffee can stimulate physical activities to enhance the resistance of the body.

2. Improving the health.

Coffee contains strong antioxidants which are essential for our health in many ways. They can defeat inflammation and eliminate toxins causing cancer. Scientists had an experiment about coffee’s function in sports activities and realized the remarkable changes. In the experiment, coffee directly effects on muscles, then creates energy and strength for physical activities.

3. Good for the brain.

Some research shows that drinking coffee with reasonable quantity can reduce the risk of dementia, minimize Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease. The reasons for this are the antioxidants in coffee can prevent some brain cells from damage.
Coffee keeps your brain wake up and stimulates mentality and intelligence of people. Usually using this drink also help us overcome spiritual problems, enhance the aware ability and make us easily give solutions to difficulties.
4. Defeat the risk of gout.

It was considered that Gout was “the rich’s disease,” but nowadays, it is more and more popular in all of the people.
In the middle of 2007, scientists from British Columbia University discovered that Gout could be defeated if we drink 4 or more cups of coffee per day. In this research, drinking coffee can lessen the hurt and relieve the immobility in the joints; people who usually drink coffee will have the lower Acid uric in the blood than those who rarely use which helps to push Gout back.

5. Good for the liver

This affirmation has studied widely. However, in reality, the incidence of cirrhosis and liver-related diseases in people who usually drink coffee is tiny. The reason is the caffeine, antioxidants in coffee prevent the development of cancer cells.
Experts from Medical University of North Carolina ( the USA) said that providing our bodies with some coffee not only help to lessen the risk of fatty liver, but also enhance healthy liver. Obviously, this is true if we have a reasonable and scientific coffee using regulation.

6. Decreasing the depression.

The depression is the mental disorder, severely affects your life. According to research from Harvard University, for women who drink 4 cups of coffee per day, the risk of depression reduces 20 %, and the risk of suicide also lessen 53%. Honglei Chen MD, Ph.D., researcher at National Institutes of Health in The USA said that: “ Our research shows that cutting or lessening the sweet drinks and replace them with coffee without sugar, this can help to reduce the risk of depression.” This research is a good news for people usually use this drink.
In brief, in the modern life with full of pressure, coffee appears not only as a cure help us overcome the difficulties and forget exhaustion but also brings physical and mental benefits, enhances our health. Do not be shy to confront to the life, just let coffee become your company.


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