Some tips when choosing a reverse osmosis system ?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification system to help improve water quality thanks to a series of filters and membranes that allow the passage of solvent (water) but not of solute, even bacteria. It reduces the risk of diseases due to contaminated water. Thus, if you consider and then make a decision to buy this ideal system but your selecting seems tricky because it depends on many factors, thefollowing information will be useful for you to choose the reverse osmosis system for your home.

1. Cleanliness Level of Water

Determining the cleanliness level of water to know whether the water is contaminated is the first note to select a proper system.You can recognize the unusual signs of water with the naked eye through the white residue, cloudiness in the tank or kettle and so on.Moreover, you should perform the test with a water purity test kitwhen having any strange color and taste of water source.

However, it is difficult to recognize the contamination level so that you should take a sample and send it to the water authority or related agencies in your area to get the most accurate results.So, it is very important to evaluate the water contamination level. This helps you find out the correct number of filters you will need for the system.

2. Demand For Using

The demand of using water for drinking, cooking, and other purposes is different depending on each household. Before you decide to buy a product, determining the number of family members to choose the system that has the suitable capacity. There are many reverse osmosis systems in the market, which produces 10 or 15 gallons per hour so that you should consider buying suitable one in your family. This helps you avoid water shortage or unexpected wastage.

3. Money and water savings

Reverse osmosis system is sold both offline and online with various brands. Hence, you should balance the cost and quality of the product.The factors increase the cost of a reverse osmosis system including the number of filters, warranty, durability, size and so on. Foremost, you should consider very well the number of filters the system will need, then a suitable size for your home space to buy RO system within your price range.
Besides, you also choose a reverse osmosis system that is to start and shut off automatically when the tank or similar containers is full of filtered water, even automatic alarm functions. This saves you from checking the unit as well as saves on energy costs, and no water is wasted.

4. Types of reverse osmosis system

Although there are plentiful ways to classify, this post just only mentions two basic types of reverse osmosis system depending on the level of PSI and the water filtration capacity.They are commercial reverse osmosis systems and residential reverse osmosis systems.
The major difference is that commercial system is more expensive and complicated. Therefore, this system has higher water pressure than residential RO system. Besides, it is equipped several components such as monitors, pumps, electrical supplies and so on.
Commercial RO systems produce high volumes of treated water and high levels of water purity while residential reverse osmosis systems have low water pressure capacity, but are easy to install and more portable than commercial RO counterparts.

5. The quality of system

There is no doubt that you will prefer to purchase the best quality reverse osmosis system for your family house.When it comes to quality, you should consider some factors such aspurification efficiency, user-friendliness and the durability of the product.
A quality product is evaluated through high purification efficiency that can remove dissolved solids such as nitrates, heavy metals, rust, chemical contaminants like pesticides, chlorine, even virus, and bacteria.Besides, another factor that reverse osmosis systems should be environment-friendly that do not produce any chemicals during the filtration process while it requires a small amount of power. Furthermore, a good system is convenient and easy to maintain.

The tips for choosing reverse osmosis system reviews here will help you to select the ideal system that will serve you well and give you a sense of comfort.


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