Tips for learning English grammar effectively

Grammar is the set of structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in any given natural language.

Grammar is some simple rules that people must follow when using a language. If there is no rule and every person uses different ways, that causes the mass and obstructs communication.

You can not avoid grammar, but how to learn English Grammar is the big question for many learners because there are a lot of complete and difficult problems. They make learners get confused and do not know how to do and which one is correct.

Learning English grammar is a long and difficult trip that requires the investment of time, effort, etc. In fact, there are millions of students succeed in learning English. Therefore, if you are getting trouble in studying English Grammar or still confusing about the most efficient method, these are some advice for you.

1 Read children’s books
Books for kids are not designed with a purpose of grammar reference. However, you can find some basic grammar including normal vocabulary, spell, sentence structures and so on. The native kids are not be taught clearly about grammar, they just realize by the way the adults speak.

2. Read different kinds of document
Another way to improve your English using ability is reading different kinds of document and see how the writers use grammar. You can read, classical literary, fiction, romantic novel, news, report or so on. Pay attention to sentence structure, order, spell, and the creative way in language. Reading these document can enhance your English level and help you natively use words and sentence.
You also can have a habit of listening to English report through radio, TV every day to collect the Grammar structure in speaking form. Then, you can apply in English communication.

3. Listen to real conversation
When other people speak, you should consider the way they create or use a word in the sentences. By this way, you not only learn how to speak well but only collect experience for yourself. Learning by books or TV is not effective than approaching English directly. Enjoying a conversation helps you understand some rule or …. Easier. Besides, do not hesitate! Whenever you have a question, let’s ask. They will explain for you and help you learn English.

4. Play English game
There are many games and online apps helping you check and interestingly enhancing Grammar. Learning and studying are at the same time. These educated games can give you the explanation about your mistake. Therefore, instead of playing other game, let’s choose for yourself a smart game which not only helps you relax but also improve your English level.

5. Write everyday
You can improve your English Grammar by using learned vocabulary and rules in your writing. Diary, short story, email can be a good way to push your ability. Pay attention to your mistakes and try to correct it in the next time.

You can ask the help from your friends to correct your mistake in your writing. Because sometimes, you can make some little mistakes but can not realize them when reading it by yourself. You friends can be a good proofreader checking and showing your error.

During the english learning process, you will meet many hard, complete problems, but you just need to focus on your goal and find the interesting method, you can win this battle. Because you know, your effort is worth to get the best result.

The last advice, learning English means do not let it make you confused. A language lectures said that communication is like tennis. No matter you speak or write, the most important thing is making people understand what you are speaking. If you have a nice short- use right words, sentence structures, that is good. But you can not, do not worry! As long as you make them understand you, that is ok.
Using the way for learning English of the native children, you can communicate easily. Let’s throw the heavy and think books; they are the reason explain why you can not speak natively just because you are afraid of getting wrong. Ok ! It’s time for you to enjoy English!


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